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2010 CES: Thermaltake 01-20-2010

Thermaltake had several cases on display including the much-talked-about Level 10. This is the first time I have seen this case in person and I must say it is certainly different. The Level 10 is unique in the fact that most of the computer's components which are usually found in the same area are kept separate in this chassis. The power supply, optical drives and hard drives are all located in individual compartments in the Level 10. This allows the user to easily and quickly swap parts in the system without having to fool with other components. The Level 10 can hold up to six hard drives and includes built-in 2.5" brackets for Solid State Drives.

2010 CES: Intel 01-18-2010

Dropping to 32nm means a smaller overall die, allowing Intel to fit more transistors onto the chip, ultimately making it run faster, cooler and with more features while requiring less power to operate. For desktop users / overclockers, this means lower chips and hopefully higher clock speeds when pushed to the limit. In mobile applications, we can expect better battery life without sacrificing performance.

2010 CES: OCZ Technology 01-17-2010

The first stop in the suite is the USB3 solid state disk. This prototype drive uses an Indilinx controller and should be available at the end of the month for around $20 more than an external SATA SSD. Available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB, this drive makes possible the idea of an "anonymous workstation."

2010 CES: CoolIT Systems 01-17-2010

On the second day of CES, we got a chance to head over to the CoolIT booth on the show floor and meet up with them about this year's new products. CoolIT had a lot of different displays, from the expected consumer hardware to a 24-peltier prototype cooler for commercial use and much in between.

2010 CES: EVGA 01-16-2010

On day two of CES, we had a chance to head over to the Wynn hotel to have a look at EVGA's suite. As usual, EVGA had a strong, practical focus for their product line this year. When we spoke with Jacob Freeman, he made it clear that EVGA tries very hard to provide users with useful features such as voltage readout points and onboard power buttons, rather than gimmicks and frills like shiny lights.

2010 CES: MSI 01-15-2010

Without a doubt, the main focus of MSI's display this year was on their motherboards. Our MSI rep was very passionate about their goals for the US market with their two flagship boards leading the way, Big Bang Fuzion and Big Bang Trinergy. He emphasized the need for MSI to focus on hardware as this category is slowly taking a backseat to more general consumer electronics among the buying public, especially in the US.

2010 CES: Patriot Memory 01-14-2010

Patriot showed us two new SSDs as well, the Zephyr and the Inferno. The Zephyr is based on a JMicron controller while the Inferno is built around a Sandforce controller. Unlike many SSDs we have seen in the past, we were told that both of these drives have no on-board cache as the controller is able to handle everything smoothly.

2010 CES: ShowStoppers 01-13-2010

Much like Unveiled and Digital Experience, ShowStoppers is another press event at CES that gives companies the opportunity to speak with the media in a more relaxed environment than the show floor offers. The great thing about these media events is that each venue almost always has different companies displaying, so you aren't likely to run into the same company each time. ShowStoppers was about as big in size as Digital Experience although it certainly seemed less cramped.

2010 Lunch @ Pieros and Tiger Direct PC Race For Charity 01-08-2010

Day one of the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show started with a trip to Piero's Italian restaurant across the street from the Las Vegas Convention Center for the Lunch @ Piero's media event. As the name suggests, this two-day event is held at Piero's restaurant where roughly 20 companies display their products for the media in attendance. Invited guests are also treated to a complementary meal in a relaxed atmosphere.

2010 CES Unveiled and Digital Experience 01-07-2010

CES didn't officially start until today, but members of the press caught a glimpse of some of the latest advances in hardware courtesy of CES Unveiled and Pepcom's Digital Experience. was on hand for both events as we met with several companies showcasing what they have in store for 2010.

2010 Consumer Electronics Show Introduction 01-06-2010

2010 is officially here and for technology enthusiasts across the globe, this means one thing: the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES offers technology companies the opportunity to showcase their latest products for the coming year. The event is not open to the public but as members of the press, our four-person staff will be bringing you all of the latest announcements from the companies you care about most.

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