Zotac at CES 2011
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-29-2011
Provided by: Zotac
Video Cards

As mentioned earlier, Zotac's VGA line is comprised of NVIDIA cards only. Here we see 460, 470, and 570 AMP! versions. The AMP! version designates a factory overclock over reference rates. The GTX470 AMP! edition features a dual fan Zalman cooler much like the one we saw on the recently reviewed AMP! Edition GTX 480. It's nice to see two manufactures working together to put out a better product.

The 570 pictured above shows a more traditional reference cooler. This is because the change in reference design would require an aftermarket cooler taking up three expansion slots so Zotac chose to keep it a dual slot card using a reference cooler design.

With the addition of aftermarket coolers (when possible), Zotac is trying to think about what the consumer is likely to do. They are clearly targeting those who want a little bit of extra performance and the best cooling possible. The results certainly have seemed impressive.

Next we will take a look at their ZBox line and wrap up with some conclusions.

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