Zotac at CES 2011
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-29-2011
Provided by: Zotac

There were a variety of ITX form factor mainboards on display in the Zotac suite. The recently released Intel Sandy Bridge platform made its presence known here as well. The first image is of the new H67ITX-A-E Zotac board. With the H67 chipset, that means it will be using the on-die GPU as opposed to needing a discrete graphics card. This board is a great introduction for users to the Zotac line. Features such as built-in wireless, full sized DDR3 DIMM slots and a full PCI-E x16 slot are nice to find on an ITX offering.

Going down the rest of the pictures, we also see the IONITX-P-E, IONITX-S-E, and IONITX-T-E which feature an integrated NVIDIA ION CPU. You lose a bit of customization, but on the other hand you get a decent amount of power in a small setup.

The last couple of boards are based on AMD platforms; the M880G-ITX and the 800G-ITX. Both feature an integrated Radeon HD 4xxx series and a slightly different feature set.

You should be able to pick up the right board for your setup whether you are going media PC, everyday use PC or a compact gaming rig.

Next we will take a look at their NVIDIA graphics card lineup.

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