CES 2012: Zotac
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Josh Maronde
Date: 01-17-2012

We stopped by the Mirage to visit with Zotac, a company known for their small form factor motherboards, graphics cards and all-in-one Zboxes. Our marketing specialist Cherry first showed us Zotac's latest ITX solutions including the A75-ITX WiFi with the AMD A75 chipset and Radeon HD 6000 graphics. The H67ITX-D-E, sporting an Intel H67 chipset and GeForce GT 520 graphics, will be on sale in mid February for $149.99 while the D2700-ITU WiFi Supreme (just launched at CES) with its Intel Atom 2.13GHz dual-core processor will be available around the same time for $180.

Next we had a look at the Infinity Water Cooler for graphics card. This liquid VGA cooler is available with the 580M graphics card and will additionally be sold separately as an upgrade kit.

Zotac's also launched a trio of new Zbox Nano mini-PCs with solutions from VIA, AMD and Intel. These systems feature rubberized thumbscrews on the bottom that double as sturdy case feet and are differentiated by the color of ring on the top. The orange ring designates a VIA system, green is for AMD and blue signifies Intel.

The Zbox Giga ID70 Plus, only available directly from Zotac, comes packed with an Intel Core i3 2100T dual-core processor and GeForce GT 430 graphics should you require a bit more power.

Zotac then showed us some projects they are currently working on that are still in prototype status. The first items they shared with us were several motherboards that support Intel's next-generation platform due out in a few months. The company also shared a conceptual design of an industrial Zbox Nano with a fanless design that resembled an audio amplifier. We also had a look at the Fusion450-B-E, packing an AMD E-450 dual-core APU with Radeon HD 6320 graphics that will be launching in February or March.

The Zbox Mini ID53 Plus ships with a Core i3-2330M 2.2GHz CPU and Intel HD graphics. We also saw the Zbox ID82 Plus, packing the same Core i3-2330M processor and graphics that should be launching near CeBIT.

We wrapped up our time with Zotac by trying out Skyrim in 3D running on a mini ITX Z68 board with a full-size Nvidia 590 graphics card. The system was pushing triple monitors and was set up to show that high-end gaming is possible on such a small form factor system.

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