Zalman at CES 2011
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-30-2011
Provided by: Zalman
CPU Cooling

CPU cooling is the area that I am most familiar with in terms of Zalmanís lineup. They had three different coolers on display that I took a look at.

On display were the CNPS5X SZ, the CNPS11X Extreme, and the CNPS9900 Max. The first one, the CNPS5X SZ features three heatpipes, tool-less retention clips and an ultra-quiet 92mm hydraulic fan. This is more of an entry level aftermarket cooler, but it is pretty much a given that most Zalman aftermarket coolers are quieter and often provide better cooling than stock coolers.

The CNPS11X Extreme was an interesting unit. It starts with a V-shaped dual heatsink and an ultra-quiet 120mm blue LED fan. It features five heatpipes going up through that V-shaped dual heatsink.

The CNPS9900 Max will look familiar to a lot of our readers. The round dual fin heatsink with a fan in the middle has been a Zalman hallmark for a while. This updated model features a 135mm fan available in both red and blue. It also touts its composite heatpipe. Zalman says this is 50% more effective in transferring heat when compared to ordinary heatpipes. We havenít had a chance to validate this yet, but I like to see companies trying something new / refreshing existing products.

Next we will take a look at some of the other product offerings Zalman has and wrap up this visit.

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