2008 CES Coverage: Cooler Master, CSX, Zalman
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Keith Hamilton
Date: 01-18-2008

Next up on our floor tour was Zalman. We have been working with Zalman for several years now, and were interested to see what new products they have been working on lately.

Zalman's "big ticket" item this year was the LQ1000 case. This case is similar to the GT1000 except they have integrated the Reserator XT into it.

The LQ1000 uses a passive water jacket cooler that is positioned behind the motherboard. All of the watercooling components come pre-installed, so all you need to do is cut some tubing, attached it to the various barbs and you are ready to go. Look for the LQ1000 to be released around April or May. As of writing, no price was available for the LQ1000.

Zalman is jumping into the mouse market with a very unique product, the FPS Gun. It is a special mouse that is ergonomically designed to make it more comfortable to game for hours on end. It connects using a standard USB cable (8-9 feet in length) and moves at a fast 2000 DPI. I had the opportunity to try out the FPS Gun for a few minutes and found it pretty neat. Zalman didn't know when the FPS Gun would be released but said it would be priced around $60 USD.

Zalman is still pushing their line of 2D/3D monitors. These monitors appear 3D when wearing the special glasses that come with it. Zalman worked with nVidia on the software that allows the monitor to switch from the normal 2D to 3D with the push of a button.

The monitor didn't seem to have a very good viewing angle. I was playing Far Cry and I had to sit directly level with the monitor to see the effect. The 22 monitor seemed too big for the entire screen to be viewed in 3D due to the narrow viewing angle. Zalman also had a music video playing on the 3D monitor which looked great; much better than the game did. Hopefully we will be able to get one of these monitors in for review soon for a complete evaluation.

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