2008 CES Unveiled
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Josh Maronde
Date: 01-05-2008
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This is the first year that MTECH has exhibited at CES. They have been working on a fuel saving product known as Moletech, which has already been released in Australia. It is scheduled to be released in the United States, Europe and Asia in the near future. A process known as Molecular Reaction Technology is the driving force behind their product. It works with the vehicle's fuel, air, and cooling system to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

Installation of their product entails dropping the device into the gas tank (no mounting required), attaching it on the inside of the air intake tube, and strapping it to the upper radiator hose. It can be equipped in a number of vehicles:

Gasoline engines up to 6 liters
Gasoline engines up to 1100cc
All diesel engines
All LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) engines

MTECH states that the Moletech offers significantly better results than previous technology. They have been testing it for three years on 300 different vehicles in the U.S., Taiwan and China. Prices range from $119 for small scooters and motorcycles to $399 for larger diesel engines.

Key features include:

Saves up to 20% on gasoline
Saves up to 10% on diesel
Saves up to 15% on LPG
Improves horsepower
Reduces harmful exhaust pollutants
Lowers greenhouse gas emissions
Removes the engine's carbon build up
Easily fitted at authorized installers
Lasts for 10 years

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