Thermaltake at CES 2011
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-19-2011
Provided by: Thermaltake

The Thermaltake gaming line, Tt eSPORTS, has put out some nice products, including the Challenger Pro Gaming Keyboard that Michael looked at earlier this month. I got a chance to play around with both the mouse and keyboard shown above. As soon as they make an ergonomic split keyboard version, it will be on my wish list.

I have found gaming mice satisfactory over the years, but I haven’t ever found one I was really comfortable with. I always end up going back to the same plain black optical mouse I have used for years. The Tt eSPORTS Black Gaming Mouse (not a very original name, eh?) was not only cool as far as features and function, but extremely comfortable to use. I am seriously considering getting one after trying it briefly, and that is a rare occurrence with peripherals. Thermaltake includes a pretty feature-rich software suite along with the mouse, something we will look into more in the near future with an independent review.

From there we got a chance to see their new gaming headset called the Shock Spin, a Toughpower UltraSlim 65w Universal Laptop Power Adapter and their BlacX 5G HDD Dock. On a different table was their lineup of Luxa products which are geared for the mainstream user as accessories for all of our gadgets. Items such as iPad cases, iPhone cases, and more could be found here. It really goes to show how broad Thermaltake's lineup has become.

Follow along as we continue to tour the product offerings.

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