2008 CES Coverage: Tagan, Data Drive Thru
Author: Keith Hamilton
Editor: Airica Jones
Date: 01-08-2008
Tagan Cont.

Tagan's had a few new hard drive enclosures on display. Probably the most interesting additions are the external/internal hard drive enclosures. These enclosures feature a hard drive cooler style case that fits in the 5.25" bay.

The external hard drive case will slide into the 5.25" case, which connects the hard drive to the computer. This would be great for anyone wanting a more permanent solution with the ability to take their hard drive with them if need be.

They also offer a security enclosure that features a lock. It comes in 3.5" and 2.5" styles. The 2.5" hard drive case will fit into the 3.5" floppy drive bay. These enclosures will range from $40-50.

Other items of interest are the slim 2.5" hard drive enclosures with a brushed aluminum cover that comes in a variety of colors. Tagan also has the stylish polished enclosures with the Icy Box logo on the side.

An interesting new item is the enclosure that resembles a liquor flask or a personal organizer. Both of these look like their counterparts, but the clasp for each is really the USB cable. The regular enclosures will retail in the $20 range and the flask/organizer will be around $30-40.

In the NAS market, Tagan has a few new items to add to their list. These NAS systems come in three different sizes: 1 bay, 2 bay, and 4 bay. They all feature a Gigabit Ethernet connection along with a USB connection if desired. Configured through a web browser, the NAS can support NFS, FTP, DHCP, UPnP and even iTunes. Other models even have an LCD screen to display information.

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