SilverStone at CES 2011
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-22-2011
Provided by: Silverstone
Other products

SilverStone had plenty of other products on display. I won’t be going as in depth with them, but want to mention some of the other products that I saw.

On one table they had many of their devices and a couple of their small form factor PC cases. One of which we recently reviewed the SG05-450. Also on the table were different 3.5” bay adapters with some focused on adding USB 3.0 to the front of a case. The various Air Penetrator fans were present as well. Perhaps the most interesting of all were the magnetic fan filters. This allows you to add fan filters to any case. It might not always look pretty if the case wasn’t designed for it, but it will give you a quick and easy way to keep dust out of your system.

There were also nearly half a dozen power supplies on display. The Decathlon 1000w boasts greater than 80% efficiency and six PCIe 6pin connectors. Also on display was the fanless PSU option - the ST40NF which is also 80+ Bronze certified. The all-aluminum construction acts as a heatsink reducing the need for active cooling. This is a perfect option for a HTPC that you are trying to keep as quiet as possible. The 80+ Gold series of their popular Strider line were also on display, look for a review of the 750w model soon.

Last but certainly not least we had a couple of HTPC models on display that are clearly meant to be part of your entertainment setup. They are compact, feature USB 3.0 and are very stylish. The first case is the the ML03 and the second is the GD06. The GD06 comes with a front door to hide everything behind and locks to keep the hotswap drives safe.

We are looking forward to continuing to review SilverStone's products here on and would like to thank them for their time at CES 2011.

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