SilverStone at CES 2011
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-22-2011
Provided by: Silverstone
FT03 – Fortress Series

The FT03 is going to be a case that people are either going to love or hate. The FT03 combines style, ventilation, and the ability to have full sized graphics cards in something that clearly isn’t just a small form factor PC.

The FT03 won the CES 2011 design & engineering showcase honor. This is the latest in the Fortress series with the goal of reducing the depth of the chassis. It has a 2.5mm think aluminum outer shell and no cable connectors can be found on any of the four sides. It features the same 90 degree rotated mainboard found in the Raven series along with supporting a 2.5” drive. This turned mainboard means that even in a micro-ATX setup, you can have graphics cards of up to 13.7".

SilverStone paid a lot of attention to how airflow would work in this case design and positioned fans accordingly. It looks like three 120mm fans are included with a slot on the top for an optional 80mm fan along with slots for dual 80mm intake fans. It is amazing what can be fit into such a small form factor without sacrificing performance.

Next we will take a look at the rest of the SilverStone lineup.

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