CES 2012: SilverStone
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Josh Maronde
Date: 01-19-2012

We headed over to the LVH (Las Vegas Hilton) for our meeting with enthusiast case manufacturer SilverStone where we stumbled upon perhaps the most interesting chassis of the week. Their new Mini-ITX FT03-Mini is nearly identical externally to the original FT03 except that it supports a smaller form factor and the optical drive is mounted vertically which looks a bit odd on the silver version. The SilverStone rep described it as the SG05 turned vertically which we can totally relate to.

Much like the original, the system can be taken apart in a matter of seconds by removing the top panel first then popping off the front and back covers and finally the remaining side (one side isn’t removable). Users can install a graphics card up to 9.5-inches in length and there’s a single 140mm Penetrator intake fan on the bottom of the chassis that’s responsible for cooling the entire system.

A SFX power supply (not included) is required due to the small form factor. SilverStone has a new 80 Plus Gold 450 watt PSU in the works, although it isn’t expected until the second half of 2012.The PSU features shorter cables and a smallish (by today’s standards) 80mm fan. If you can’t wait until summer, SilverStone’s current SFX solution is available now, although only with an 80 Plus Bronze certification.

Look for the FT03-Mini to launch in March at $130.

SilverStone also showed us their Red Line 01 chassis (RL01) that’s currently available in the Chinese market. The company has no plans to release this in the US market but they simply brought it to the show (literally carried it with them on the plane from China) to gauge media interest. I wasn’t terribly impressed with this chassis as it resembles too many other “gamer” cases and I prefer the traditional SilverStone look much better.

The PS07 is SilverStone’s answer to the Antec P180. The case includes two 120mm intake fans behind a swing-out front bezel that admittedly felt a bit cheap due to its plastic construction. Aside from this, however, we liked everything about the PS07. Included in the floor of the chassis is an adjustable CPU cooler support bracket designed to remove some of the stress that a heavy cooler can put on your motherboard.

Other quality features include a hidden section to route unused cables from a non-modular power supply and accommodations for up to five 3.5-inch hard drives. The PS07 is available right now for $79 in the US.

SilverStone showed us their GD07 HTPC enclosure that includes a front door lock and a lockable power button. The GD07 is capable of holding seven storage devices and can support Extended ATX motherboards and expansion cards up to 13.6-inches in length. Our PR rep explained how SilverStone did a lot of research regarding fan grill design and the effects of positive air pressure inside a chassis with regards to noise, quietness and dust-prevention. The result of this testing can be seen in the photos above; an entire unique looking fan grill design.

SilverStone’s flagship 1350 watt Zeus power supply includes an 80 Plus Silver certification is built with server guys in mind. The unit includes a switch that allows the user to select either a single rail configuration or a split six rail design. Either way, there’s 105A available on the +12V line and the PSU features a full modular design. Users can additionally fine-tune voltages by inserting a small screwdriver into one of three holes on the back of the unit and twisting accordingly. SilverStone plans to launch the Zeus 1350 in a few months for around $400.

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