CES 2007 Coverage: SilverStone
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Keith Hamilton
Date: 01-14-2007
Page 2

The KL03 represents SilverStone's entry into the budget market.

The KL03 consists of a steel frame with painted plastic exterior panels. A modular front bay system will allow you to position the 120mm fan anywhere you want. Expect the KL03 to hit the scene in a few months with a price point around $100.

The CW02 is a prototype case that was on display. As you can see, this is a very large case that was designed with high end (aka long) graphics cards in mind. The front bezel has two functional knobs that can be used in conjunction with Windows Media Center Edition.

A 120mm fan is used in the rear to exhaust heat. You can also use a full size power supply in this case.

There are two hard drive racks, each capable of holding three drives. Below each rack is an 80mm fan slot. As mentioned above this is a prototype case and no release date has been set.

SilverStone also had their first ever watercooling system on hand, the TD01. This case uses a ubi-body construction, similar to that of the TJ07. Two internal water pumps keep the liquid flowing throughout the case.

The case itself acts as a large passive heatsink, eliminating the need for any fans and thus, greatly reducing the operating noise of the system. The TD01 is rated to around 130 watts and is not recommended for heavily overclocked systems. The TD01 is on sale now, retailing for around $350.

SilverStone has their sights set high for 2007 and plans to build on the success they have generated thus far.

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