Building a Silent HTPC
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 10-18-2010
Provided by: Acoustic PC
Zalman cont.

The bottom of the case is solid with four felt-bottom feet that slide around easily on a flat smooth surface. You can see the hooks for the hard drive cage here as well.

Jumping to the inside, there is plenty of room for a full size ATX motherboard and a full size power supply. The optical cage and hard drive cage are both removable, making installation and cable routing a bit easier. We can also see that Zalman has routed the front panel connectors around the edge of the chassis, which as we will find out later, is a bit of a problem.

The hard drive cage holds up to three full size 3.5" drives. Zalman includes an adapter for a 2.5" SSD, should you want to go that route.

To install a drive, press the button on the side of the handle and pull to remove it. Screw the drive in place with the two attached thumbscrews then reinsert the drive into the cage. The opposite end of the cage features foam padding to reduce vibration from spinning drives.

The optical drive cage also doubles as a fan controller, able to control up to four fans with high / low settings. Also on the backplane are the connections for the hot swap drive bay.

Let's move ahead and check out some of the other components we will be using in our build.

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