CES 2012: Roccat
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Josh Maronde
Date: 01-19-2012

Roccat kicked off our meeting on the show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center by showing us their Kone+ gaming mouse. The follow-up to the original Kone includes a 6000 DPI sensor and up to 20 grams of adjustable weights. Thereís a 1000Hz polling rate, Teflon coated pads and support for up to 500 macro actions.

Unique features of the Kone+ include the EasyShift+ button that allows you to assign two functions to each button, like using the Shift key on a keyboard. This results in a total of 22 programmable mouse functions. Hardcore gamers will appreciate the voice actor prompts that can be set as timers for things like health and ammo respawns.

Roccat showed us the Isku gaming keyboard to compliment the Kone+. The Isku checks in at $89.99 and includes a large wrist rest and cable routing channels into the underside of the board, although personally Iíve never found a use for these. The individual keys have a good tactical feel when pressed despite not being mechanical. Features unique to the Isku include three customizable keys just below the keyboard that are intended to be used with your thumb. Macros can be recorded on-the-fly while in a game with a voice actor prompting the player when a macro is being recorded.

The Kave 5.1 Headset will retail at $119 featuring four 40mm drivers built into the headset. The Kave has vibration feedback capabilities, a mic muted LED indicator and a 10-step headband adjustment strap. The headset felt comfortable while wearing with a strong a sturdy feel in the hand. One thing we noted was that the ear muffs didnít lay flat against your chest when the headset was pulled off the head and worn around the neck. An in-line control box provides adjustment of each sound channel as well as a mute button and volume dial.

Roccat said that products should start popping up soon on Amazon, Newegg, TigerDirect and Best Buy with the full line-up online by February. Sites like ncix.com that are already selling products in North America are not authorized and are getting their supplies from grey market Asian channels. Regardless, Roccat is still supporting these consumers should they need technical support.

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