Road Trip To CES 2007: Part 1
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Josh Maronde
Date: 01-05-2007
Introduction is making their first ever appearance to cover the Consumer Electronics Show this year in Las Vegas, Nevada. We wanted to attend last year, but work and school prevented that from happening. The stars aligned this year, however, with me being out of school until mid January and my other two companions being able to take the time off from work.

From left to right, we have XPTB, myself and Striker777. You may notice that we are in a car... yep, that's right, ROAD TRIP! Unfortunately, I am the only one thrilled about a road trip. The other two want to fly, but considering that is one of my top fears... just isn't going to happen (again). I know, I've heard the statistics about how flying is the safest method of traveling, so here is my thought process on the whole matter. How often do you see a plane crash and there be any survivors? I braved flying two years ago and will never do it again. The pressure in my ears during landing was almost tear-jerking (and yes, I tried every folk remedy: chewing gum, swallowing, drinking... I even tried some airplane earplugs). So, since I run the show here (I promise I'm not as cocky as that sounds), the only stipulation I put in place for the trip is that we drive. Fair enough, no?

Mapquest calculates the trip to be 1602.61 miles from Olive Branch, MS to Las Vegas, NV which equates to 23 hours, 18 minutes and traveling through eight states. The original plan was to leave out at 8 a.m. Friday morning. Well, that didn't happen as some last minute packing and vehicle maintenance was required. We ended up rolling out around 2:30 p.m. after a quick Burger King lunch. We will be driving straight, only stopping for food and gas (who needs sleep anyway?).

As of writing, we are just at four hours into the trip in Clarksville, Arkansas. You may be asking how I am bringing this update to you...

Laptop plus Sprint Mobile Broadband via my Treo 700p (using the phone as a wireless broadband modem) = internet on the road.

So how does one remain sane during a 23 hour road trip with two other people? Technology, of course! Music is always a good start, brought to us by Sirius satellite radio. I also loaded my phone with mp3's should I decide I want to listen to something else. Article writing will keep me busy a good bit as will snapping countless photos. With an internet connection, we are free to surf the web as we see fit. XPTB brought along his Gameboy Advance and a few books as well. Should we get bored with all of this, we can always revert back to "traditional" means of entertainment such as Striker777's Alphabet Game and good ole conversation.

Barring any unfortunate mishaps, we plan to pull into Vegas around 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

So what can you expect from our coverage of CES 2007? First and foremost, pictures... lots and lots of pictures. Each of us will be carrying a camera, and let's just say I will be disappointed if we leave with any less than 5,000 total pictures. We will be covering the trade show each day from open until close, then hitting the after hours parties. We are currently on the VIP guest list for several parties, including The Tech Zone's CES Kickoff party, OCZ's Overclockerfest and Super Talent's CES Reception party, just to name a few. Expect multiple updates throughout the day. I may even set up a separate page just for photos or just post them in the forum.

Speaking of the forum, we want to hear from you! Drop by our CES thread and give us some feedback, let us know what companies you want to see in our coverage and we will try to make it happen!

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