CES 2007 Coverage: Razer
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Josh Maronde
Date: 01-13-2007
Page 2

Razer had their entire line of products on display and also a few other new items.

Razer's new Pro|Solutions line is specifically designed for the "prosumer" - those who want the same Razer quality and precision but with a less flashy or "gamer" look. The Pro|Solutions line includes the Pro|Type keyboard which features a built-in iPod dock. Other Pro|Solutions products include the Pro|Click v1.6 mouse, Pro|Pad mouse pad and the Pro|Tones earphones.

Razer's latest mouse, the DeathAdder, was also on display. The DeathAdder has five programmable buttons, adjustable on-the-fly dpi settings, teflon feet and an 1800 dpi infrared sensor. The DeathAdder is made for large mouse pads and users who don't want a mouse that will fly off the screen at the slightest touch. It was designed with RTS games in mind.

As you can see, Razer has been very busy as of late with some new and innovative products. We hope to have some of these new products in the OCIA.net test labs very soon.

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