Power Supply Cross Reference Guide
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 06-09-2006
Provided by: ATXPowerSupplies

A few months ago I was approached by one of our site sponsors,, in regards to a power supply cross reference guide they had in development. This guide would allow a visitor to enter the manufacturer, make and model of their computer and have a compatible replacement power supply recommended to them and available for purchase. Anyone who has done computer repair work knows it can be next to impossible to find a replacement power supply for a manufactured PC. The only success I have had with this is to either try to go through the manufacturer directly or hope you can find a generic unit that will fit the system in question. This can often be mind-racking as most manufactured system use proprietary parts (power supplies included).

Needless to say, a guide like this could instantly become a computer technician's new best friend. Skipping ahead to present-day, I received another message about a week ago letting me know the guide was fully functional and ready for evaluation. Perfect timing it would seem as I had an eMachines T2682 sitting on my kitchen table that had been diagnosed with, you guessed it, a dead power supply (among other things lol).

The first step is to select the manufacturer of your computer. In my case, an eMachines system.

Next up, select the specific machine or choose the exact part number from the list.

I chose to scroll through the extensive part list to find mine, T2682.

The next screen displays the recommended power supplies based on the information you have provided. I selected the only one available, ATX-300GU...

As you can see above, ATXPowerSupplies provides a complete description of the power supply, including technical specs. and voltage information. You have the option to order optional accessories as well. ATXPowerSupplies even takes it a step further and lists every other computer that this particular unit is compatible with.

I have been toying around with the cross reference guide for a few days now, selecting different configurations and each time I am given a compatible power supply for the system I selected. I have yet to find a configuration that does not have a recommended unit or isn't available for purchase. The guys over at ATXPowerSupplies have really done their homework, putting in countless hours of research in the development of this program which, to the best of my knowledge, is the first of its kind. I would encourage anyone who works as a computer technician to give the cross reference guide a try the next time you are in need of a replacement power supply.

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