2010 Lunch @ Pieros and Tiger Direct PC Race For Charity
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-08-2010
Introduction / Eye-Fi

Day one of the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show started with a trip to Piero's Italian restaurant across the street from the Las Vegas Convention Center for the Lunch @ Piero's media event. As the name suggests, this two-day event is held at Piero's restaurant where roughly 20 companies display their products for the media in attendance. Invited guests are also treated to a complementary meal in a relaxed atmosphere.

After grabbing a bite to eat, we hit the display area to check out a few companies you might be interested in.


We stopped by Eye-Fi to have a look at their wireless SD memory card technology. Eye-Fi had their flagship card on display, the 8 GB Eye-Fi Pro X2. Although it may appear to be an average SD memory card on the outside, the internals are what make the Eye-Fi card unique. Built inside the SD card is an 802.11n radio transmitter that allows you to wirelessly upload photos without having to ever touch a sync cable or remove the memory card from your camera to use in a card reader. Another neat feature of the Pro X2 is the ability to upload directly to nearly 25 different websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr or Costco for printing. You can do this from your home network or various wireless hotspots. Since you can upload photos at any time with a wireless connection, your media first goes through Eye-Fi's servers. This pass through the Eye-Fi servers had us a little bit concerned. We asked about privacy issues but they didn't seem to be a concern for Eye-Fi, and, as the representative mentioned, if you are uploading to a social networking site, odds are your content is safe-for-work. If you are already connected to your own network, Eye-Fi servers are bypassed. You can also manually bypass the servers if you don't feel safe with using their servers as a gateway.

We shot the video below to give you an idea of how fast the data transfer is over wireless. The first transfer demonstrates the first transfer after synching the card with your computer and as you can see, the subsequent transfer is much faster once the link has been established.

The Pro X2 has a Class 6 read and write speed rating and is available in 8 GB capacity with a current price tag of $149.99. We will be in contact with Eye-Fi after the show in hopes of securing a sample for a full review in the near future.

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