2008 CES Coverage: The Parties
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Josh Maronde
Date: 01-16-2008
TTZ Media Affiliate Dinner

We had planned on checking out a few other parties throughout the week, but lack of sleep and writing kept us from doing this. The last "party" type event we attended was TTZ Media's Affiliate Dinner. John hosts this dinner each year for select members of his advertising company, TTZ Media (link with affiliate link).

The dinner was originally scheduled for the Bouchon Restaurant at the Venetian, but they were unable to accommodate the party of about 17 people. Next on the list was Envy Steakhouse, but again, nothing was open. John ended up going with the Buffet at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

The food at the Flamingo was decent for a buffet. I had a slice of prime rib, garlic mash potatoes, salmon and peel-and-eat shrimp. The shrimp were really good but I hate having to peel them; it takes me forever!

For dessert, I had swirl soft-serve ice cream with strawberry, pineapple and chocolate toppings.

Bob totally shocked Josh and I; boy can this guy eat! He had two plates of crab legs in addition to about four other plates full of stuff. I think he could give Josh a run for his money in an eating contest.

From left to right: Michael Kwan, Michael Larabel, Justin Koziol, Alex Billington, Jason Landals, me, Josh, Bob Buskirk, John Chow, Ashley Donaldson, Stephen Fung, Danny Chang, Greg Morgan, David Lin and Colin Dean.

John's dinner was a great opportunity to talk with other site owners / bloggers in a more relaxed environment. Hosting the event on the last day of CES was a great idea, as it didn't require skipping out on any other planned events, since most companies host their parties early in the week.

The 2008 CES brought about several great parties and we are planning to attend many more next year!

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