2008 CES Coverage: The Parties
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Josh Maronde
Date: 01-16-2008
OCZ Technology Full Throttle Party

On Monday night, Keith and I attended the OCZ Technology Full Throttle party hosted at a suite in the Bellagio Hotel.

This was another great party to do some networking and I met some really cool people, such as Wesley from WesleyTech.com, Francisco from ChileHardware.com, the guys from Phoronix.com and the ClubOverclocker.com team.

This party seemed a lot less crowded than it was last year, but then again, I think this suite was probably twice the size of last year's.

We had a pretty decent view from the party, but it was really difficult to get a good photo without a tripod, and the glare on the window didn't help matters either.

Keith and I with Lisa from OCZ.

Overall this was another great party. The open bar was awesome and had a wide variety of drinks to choose from. At the end of the party, OCZ held a raffle and gave away some really cool prizes. Keith and I rolled out a bit early, as we had some articles to write and needed to get some sleep, so all we got was a couple of t-shirts.

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