2008 CES Coverage: OCZ Technology
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Keith Hamilton
Date: 01-09-2008
HydraFlow, Neural Impulse Actuator

OCZ has a new water block in the works called the HydraFlow. This block looks pretty similar to the "Silver Array" prototype we saw last year at CES. That unit never made it to production, so perhaps this is the result of the past year's work and a name change.

Look for the triangular-shaped HydraFlow to launch sometime soon after CES.

The HydraJet is a self-contained water cooled heatsink that OCZ has been working on. There isn't much new to report about the HydraJet. It was described as a "work in progress".

The last thing OCZ showed us was their NIA (Neural Impulse Actuator). This product was shown last year at CeBit and got a lot of press.

The headband device straps around your forehead and monitors facial muscle movements and nerve impulses, which are then decoded and can be used to control movements and actions in games.

The unit takes a little time to calibrate, as you need to measure normal states, reaction times, etc. then program these functions to in-game controls. I went through a very brief calibration process then jumped into a UT2004 Deathmatch. The NIA has a pretty big learning curve, but after about 5-10 minutes I was able to control my character somewhat and managed a few frags. I was able to raise my eyebrows slightly to fire a gun which worked surprisingly well, but walking and jumping were a bit more difficult to master. Had I done a proper calibration and configuration, I am sure it would have worked much better. I think something like this has a lot of potential but some refinements are definitely in order, which OCZ is working on in their second revision.

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