2008 CES Coverage: OCZ Technology
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Keith Hamilton
Date: 01-09-2008
DDR3, FLEX 2, EliteXStream, PSUs

OCZ had the Flex XLC DDR3-1600 memory on display, along with some DDR-3 Platinum 1600 and the new Reaper X series.

Something a bit more interesting is the new Flex2 DDR3 modules. These heatspreaders feature a new fin design that is more efficient when being used as a passive cooling solution. If you want to ramp things up with liquid cooling, each side of the Flex2 has an inlet and outlet, allowing you to fully cool each side of the module with fresh coolant.

OCZ has a new power supply coming out just after CES, the EliteXStream. This is a single rail, non-modular 1000 Watt unit. Pricing was unknown as of our interview.

There were also a couple of new PC Power & Cooling units on hand, such as the blue Silencer 750 Watt unit...

and the recently released Turbo-Cool 1200 Watt PSU.

More just ahead...

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