OCZ Technology at CES 2011
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-18-2011
Provided by: OCZ
Storage Products

As it would be most pertinent to our users, I focused mainly on the enthusiast or “performance” grade equipment. The stars of the show are of course their SSD offerings. OCZ's new PCIe SSD drives boast some impressive specs. They had their Z-Drive R3 on display which is based on the SF-1500. This unit boasts a staggering Read speed of up to 1gb/s and a write of up to 950mb/s – and is bootable. The Z-Drive falls into OCZ's "enterprise" category, however.

Now, the RevoDrive X2, while on the SF-1200 chip, is the new performance class flagship model. The X2 RevoDrive clocks in with speeds around 740mb/s read and 720mb/s write. I am seeing a 100gb model at around $430 on Newegg at the time of writing. As with all SSDs, the price is still a bit high (especially compared to traditional HDDs), but the specs make it darn impressive.

OCZ also had their mainstream Vertex 2 series on display, featuring multiple form factors of the drive. We get the usual 2.5” SSD, but it also comes in a 1.8” and a 3.5” form factor. The Vertex 2 boasts speeds of up to 285mb/s read and 275mb/s write. Be sure to check our our full Vertex 2 review for more details.

Additionally, OCZ had their Onyx and Onyx 2 on display which are their budget models. These drives feature slightly lower performance, but are still much faster than the traditional mainstream user is used to. These drives are certainly worth considering for upgrading an older PC with the 30gb model coming in at under $50.

Finally OCZ had some Deneva 2 drives on display. Deneva drives are basically a Vertex 3 for OEMs. More information on Deneva can be found here.

More just ahead.

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