2010 CES: OCZ Technology
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-17-2010
OCZ Technology

Day three of CES means heading back to OCZ's suite at Aria to have a look at their new products. While we got a chance to see some of the display systems at OCZ's party a few nights before, most of the hardware was absent that night to avoid damage, irresponsible press coverage, and other similar maladies.

The first stop in the suite is the USB3 solid state disk. This prototype drive uses an Indilinx controller and should be available at the end of the month for around $20 more than an external SATA SSD. Available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB, this drive makes possible the idea of an "anonymous workstation." The anonymous workstation is a new-aged concept where, for example, a company has many identical HDD-less machines. Each worker could have their own USB3 SSD off of which they could boot, allowing any worker to use any machine. Of course, this is just one implementation of the new bandwidth at our fingertips thanks to USB3. OCZ is also looking into developing external RAID drives.

Prior to this CES, OCZ already had a well-developed, broad SSD line. Now, they are updating their SSD line and extending it even further. From the performance section, we have the new Agility EX, an SLC version of the Agility we reviewed back in August. OCZ's enterprise solutions feature the updated Vertex 2 (SandForce 1200), Vertex 2 Pro (SandForce 1500), and Vertex 2 EX Pro (SandForce 1500, SLC). The upgrade to the SandForce 1500 controller allows for better 4K random performance, though we don't have official numbers as of yet.

Also on display were some of OCZ's Z-Drive PCIe SSDs. You may have heard of the Z-Drive in the past and thought of it as just a dream, but OCZ is really developing this product line. The p88 performance drive showcases around 1.3 GB/s read and write speeds and is available up to 2TB. This bootable drive should be available at the end of the month. Mainstream and enterprise products are also available.

Finally, we had a look at some power supplies. The updated Fatal1ty 750W PSU features new low profile cable sleeves, 80+ Bronze certification and four 12V rails. Also, the PC Power & Cooling (now owned by OCZ) Silencer power supplies are now upgraded with 135mm fans, as opposed to the old 80mm design.

Surprisingly enough, there was no new memory from OCZ on display this year. Perhaps they are waiting until CeBIT to introduce new modules.

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