2010 CES: MSI
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 01-15-2010

Without a doubt, the main focus of MSI's display this year was on their motherboards. Our MSI rep was very passionate about their goals for the US market with their two flagship boards leading the way, Big Bang Fuzion and Big Bang Trinergy. He emphasized the need for MSI to focus on hardware as this category is slowly taking a backseat to more general consumer electronics among the buying public, especially in the US.

First up is the Big Bang Fuzion which features the Lucid Hydra 200 chipset. This chipset allows the end user to mix and match GPUs across different platforms to deliver cost-efficient graphics performance with near-linear performance. The demo system shown above was running a 260GTX and an R4890 together. You can further see this listed on the screen, where the display GPU is listed as Nvidia and the auxiliary GPU is listed as ATi. Until we can get a review sample in, I'm not 100% on how effective this system is, but being able to recycle your "old" graphics card instead of having to simply discard it or sell it for a ridiculously low price when something new comes out is very appealing.

Other features of the Fuzion include 100% Hi-C capacitors (similar to the solid caps used by Gigabyte) and MSI's 7.1 channel Quantum Wave Audio Card. We didn't get a date or price for the Fuzion but I would suspect it to be available within the next month or two at under $400.

The Trinergy is the only solution available for the P55 chipset that allows extreme gamers to take charge with true 3-way SLI (16x8x8x). As with some of their other high-end boards, the Trinergy comes bundled with the Quantum Wave audio card and uses 100% Hi-c CAPs. Also bundled with the Trinergy is DrMOS, OC Dashboard, one second overclocking via OC Genie and SuperPipe, 8mm extra thick heatpipes.

As of writing, the Trinergy can be found online for around $340.

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