Mountain Mods U2-UFO Duality
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 07-09-2007
Provided by: Mountain Mods
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First Look

The front of the Duality has six 120mm fan intake ports. These can be used in conjunction with two triple 120mm radiators or simply six 120mm fans. Above the six fan ports are two removable 5 1/4" bays. Each bay is held in place with four thumbscrews and can hold up to three 5 1/4" devices. Between these removable drive bays are the power and LED activity light; one for each system. No reset buttons are present on the Duality.

The front and back of the Duality remain the same for all configurations, but you have the option of choosing from several different side/top panels. You can order solid panels, panels with windows, windows and fans, or solid acrylic panels. This review sample features two full mirrored / etched window panels (one for each side) and a smaller mirrored / etched window with two 120mm fan ports on the top panel. Each panel is held in place with eight thumbscrews.

The rear of the Duality has all of the necessary ports for two full size ATX systems; one system in the standard ATX position and the other system in an inverted position. The Duality is capable of holding four full size power supplies. I will only be using two PSUs for this build, so the other two bays will be covered with PSU filler panels. Both motherboard trays are removable and held in place with five thumbscrews (four on the rear of the case and one inside the case).

Move ahead as we strip the Duality to the bare frame...

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