Apple iPhone vs Palm Treo 700p
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 05-21-2007
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Tech Specs

Technical specifications on the iPhone are a bit sparse, but that is to be expected since it is not out on the market yet. But, even from these specs, we can see that the iPhone clearly stands out on paper as the better phone. It has a larger screen, more memory, a wider assortment of wireless data connections, better battery life and a higher MP camera. But, one should never fully judge something just by its specs list. The Treo 700p does have a few huge advantages over the iPhone.

The 700p has been on the market for about a year now. This has given 3rd party developers plenty of time to create thousands of applications for the phone which could potentially put it on the same page as Apple's offering. Sure, it's not exactly "fair" to compare a phone with a full year's development time to something that has been not even been released, but that is life. When deciding between two items for purchase, you must consider "everything" - and this development time is a huge plus for the 700p.

Another aspect that consumers will no doubt take into consideration is price. Much like the iPhone, the 700p hit the streets with a very high price tag. But, like any other electronic device, the price has dropped off sharply over the past year. Users can pick up a 700p for as low as $299, whereas the 4 GB iPhone will retail for $499 and the 8 GB model will debut at $599.

If it sounds like I am bashing the iPhone from the get-go, that is not true. Sure, I like my Treo 700p a great deal, but if the iPhone is truly better in any aspect, I am fully prepared to say so.

Move ahead as we start our comparison of these two phones by looking at the exterior design elements...

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