2010 CES: Intel
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 01-18-2010
Introduction, Core i3, i5

Rutledge and I stopped by Intel's booth in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center on day three of CES for a meeting. Intel had one of the largest and flashiest booths on the show floor. And rightfully so, considering they announced 27 new processors at the show, along with new chipsets and wireless adapters.

As you can see, Intel spared no expense on their display. Things were pretty lively as well, especially considering this was day three of the show and the crowds had already started to die down a bit. Regardless, we had some time to sit down with Dan from Intel and discuss some of their new products.

Core i3, i5

As anticipated, Intel released the new Core i3 and i5 chips. These new chips are built on the 32nm process, making Intel the first to go into production at this size. Intel was also the first to introduce 45nm two years ago, having already shipped over 200 million microprocessors at this size. Dropping to 32nm means a smaller overall die, allowing Intel to fit more transistors onto the chip, ultimately making it run faster, cooler and with more features while requiring less power to operate. For desktop users / overclockers, this means lower operating temperatures and hopefully higher clock speeds when pushed to the limit. In mobile applications, we can expect better battery life without sacrificing performance.

More just ahead.

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