Power Supply Mod for Hewlett Packard Pavilion XE783
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 06-15-2003
Concluding the mod....

Next, we connect the wires. Remember that weird fan plug? We're still not going to worry about it right now. We'll power up now, just to see if it mattered. Great...CPU fan is working, computer is booting. Great... now to finalize the installation.

Now, we determine the orientation of the power supply. I don't guess it really matters. The wires fit better with the rear of the power supply towards the top, so we'll go with that. We will carefully align the power supply with the upper edge of the case.

Next, we should measure to determine how much tape we will need. But, we don't have a tape measure handy, so we'll have to just guess. I have determined that the tape should go across the front of the case, for the greatest strength.

We'll run the tape through the hole that formerly held the power supply, to keep the tape from covering the USB and other ports...

Carefully stretch the tape across the power supply...

Now bring the tape across the front of the case. And, here we go...mod is completed. We'll discard the top of the case, and the power supply, after removing the fan and all of the wires, just in case.

Great...wife and kids are happy. All in a day's work. Now, let's see if I can find some kind of adult beverage...

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