2008 Bill Gates CES Keynote
Author: Josh Maronde
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-06-2008
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TellMe, Prototype Device, Guitar Hero III

The finale of the "Connected Entertainment" segment was a demonstration of a Windows Mobile application on a Sprint phone called TellMe. Using TellMe, O'Donnell pressed the talk button on the phone, and using only her voice and the phone's built-in GPS, proceeded to order two tickets to a Movie and send a confirmation text message to a friend.

After O'Donnell and Bach left the stage, Gates returned with a prototype hand held device that he began to demo. This device was a rectangular box about the size of an old school brick cellular phone. Basically what this device did was use Image Acquisition technology to provide the user with information. Gates pointed the camera of the device at Bach and the screen displayed name of the person with a note that said "Owe $20". This device could also be pointed at a restaurant and it would figure out what the restaurant was and would allow you to see the menu, make reservations or read reviews. If you use the device on an object that is far away, it would calculate distance and travel time as well as provide directions, if needed.

Once the demo of the prototype device was finished, Gates was joined again by Bach and they agreed to a Guitar Hero: III duel for $20 that was supposedly owed to Gates. Neither actually dualed but instead called in replacements.

First up was Robert, and he called in the support of Champion GH: III shredder Kelly Lyon.

This obviously was no match for Bill Gates who summoned Slash himself, followed by a tower of speakers FOR THE WIN!

I would have to say that I was not blown away by any of the announcements made during the Keynote or the technology that was showcased. I was glad to hear that Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Xbox Live are stronger than ever but think Microsoft will be fighting an uphill battle to get into the social networking advertising business. This keynote speech was quite an experience and we would do it again if given the option. But for now, we say to farewell to Bill Gates; it has been an amazing journey.

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