2008 Bill Gates CES Keynote
Author: Josh Maronde
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-06-2008
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Connected Experiences, Vista, Mobile and Live

The first digital decade was declared a success and Gates said the second digital decade will be about connecting people. These experiences will be software driven and the software will be stored on the Internet. "High Definition Experiences Everywhere" and 3d environments for the web will be the norm of the future.

The following statistics were given:

The sale of personal computers went up thirteen percent and Bill expects this number to increase by double digits.

Over 100 million people are using Windows Vista.

420 million Windows Live users.

Windows Mobile has 20 million users.

Gates' keynote continued with the latest developments in Windows Live, Mobile and Vista. A demonstration of how a person could have one username and password for their Windows Live ID and be able to access their email, photo gallery, Windows Live Social Space and other internet based Microsoft applications. The Live Photo Gallery demonstration showed a new feature that will allow you to take multiple snapshots of an area and stitch them together in a beautiful panoramic view. A Windows Mobile device with Live integration will enable you to take a picture on-the-go and upload it to your Live Space with a single click.

Next up was the reappearance of the Microsoft Surface computer. Gates showed us how this new interaction with a computer could be used to customize and then purchase a snowboard from an online store. The touch screen seemed to have difficulty when he tried to flip the snowboard over. It had the ability to detect a camera placed on the surface and spill the photos onto the screen, which was flawless.

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