Building a Gaming / Performance PC
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 12-20-2010
Provided by: Acoustic PC
Phantom Cont.

The right side panel is similar in design to the left with the exclusion of the cutout for the 200/230mm fan.

Looking at the top of the case we can see the included 200mm LED exhaust fan with provisions for a second 200m fan beside it. Near the front of the case is a five-switch fan controller, two USB ports, eSATA port, audio jacks, power and reset buttons and activity LEDs.

On the bottom of the case we find a dust filter covering the power supply intake vent. There are two additional vents closer to the front of the chassis. Grippy rubber strips line both sides of the case, ensuring it will stay put wherever you place it.

The front bezel is easily removable by grabbing the bottom and pulling outwards. Here we get a better look at the optional front intake fan. You can install either a 120mm or 140mm fan here, although as you can see, the bay is a bit restrictive with the hard drive cage sitting directly behind it.

Looking inside the case, the red painted interior really looks good with the contrasting black drive rails. The five external drive bays are all toolless, as are the seven hard drive bays. The two bays closest to the power supply can be removed should you not plan to use that much storage or you have a very long PSU.

Let's move ahead and finish up with the interior of the Phantom.

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