2010 CES: EVGA
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-16-2010
Introduction / Motherboards

On day two of CES, we had a chance to head over to the Wynn hotel to have a look at EVGA's suite. As usual, EVGA had a strong, practical focus for their product line this year. When we spoke with Jacob Freeman, he made it clear that EVGA tries very hard to provide users with useful features such as voltage readout points and onboard power buttons, rather than gimmicks and frills like shiny lights.


EVGA had quite a few motherboards on display. Like many other manufacturers, EVGA had H55 and H57 boards on display. If you're unfamiliar, the H55/H57 chipsets offer "on-CPU" HD graphics with the new generation Core i3/Core i5 processors. These boards feature EVGA's "DPHS," or Double-Play Heat-Sink, which offers mounting holes for both socket 775 and socket 1156 CPU coolers. Other features include passive chipset cooling, onboard CPU temperature monitor, onboard voltage readout points, as well as one-touch overclocking via Dummy OC and E-LEET overclocking software. Also available is the H55V, pictured above, which is an mATX board following the H55 chipset. These boards will all retail for between $100 and $170.

Also on display was the X58 Classified board, which offers an unmatched 4-way SLI with EVGA's GTX285 Classified cards. This extra SLI capability requires an extra NV chip next to the south-bridge in order to maintain all of those PCIe lanes, a custom SLI bridge, as well as the custom GTX285 Classified, which has extra power and specialty SLI connections for the custom bridge. Needless to say, this board is expensive: it should retail around $500. Finally, we have the EATX P55 Classified 200 board, which features 3-way SLI (8x8x8x) capabilities, as well as features such as DPHS, onboard power buttons, temperature and voltage readouts. The P55 Classified 200 should cost closer to $350.

Video cards and more up next...

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