CES 2007 Coverage: CoolIT
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Keith Hamilton
Date: 01-09-2007
Page 2

I must admit that we were pretty impressed with the cooling ability of Cool IT's closed-loop systems.

The rig above consists of an Intel Quad Core CPU and two 8800GTX cards.

Perhaps one of the "coolest" new products from Cool IT comes in the form of software: MTEC Control Center module with “Predictive Cooling".

Predictive cooling takes a new twist on cooling your computer system and keeping the noise level down. The software monitors the load of the processor instead of the heat generated from it and throttles the cooling fans accordingly. Think of it in terms of a case fan with a temperature sensor. Once the sensor on the fan detects that more heat is being generated, the fan is then told to spin faster to compensate for the increased load (reactive cooling). Cool IT's proactive system will detect the load on the CPU and know that heat will soon follow. The software will then take measures to prevent this heat increase from taking place.

2007 looks to be a great year for Cool IT. We are already lined up to bring you guys some reviews of the products shown here today so be on the lookout for those in the coming weeks.

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