CES 2007 Coverage: CoolIT
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Keith Hamilton
Date: 01-09-2007

Cool IT Systems was the first vendor we met with at CES. Cool IT made their presence known last year at CES with the release of the Freezone, a closed-loop liquid cooling system that makes use of a Thermal Electric Cooler (TEC) to chill the liquid to sub-ambient temperatures. Cool IT is back again this year with even more new and innovative products.

Cool IT has teamed up with several companies that are now making use of their cooling equipment, such as the Biohazard system seen above.

Shuttle is another company that has recently acquired the services of Cool IT (awesome paint job).

Cool IT designed a compact cooling system for the dual ATI video cards inside these Shuttle cases. There is maybe half an inch between the two cards; very impressive for an effective watercooling solution.

Cool IT's Xbox 360 liquid cooling device was on display once again. The unit was introduced last year at CES but has yet to make it to the retail market. The exterior design of the cooler has changed a good bit since last year. Cool IT cites manufacturing delays and development of a timely installation process as the reason for the delay in the unit hitting the market. Once released, users will be required to send in their Xbox 360 and have the cooler professionally installed by Cool IT. The Xbox 360 has some fairly complex internals and Cool IT does not want customers breaking their system while installing the cooler. We were told to expect a two week turnaround time on installation.

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