CES 2012: Cooler Master
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 01-21-2012
Cooler Master

We visited with Cooler Master at the Bellagio after they hosted one heck of a party the night before. Cooler Master is celebrating their 20 year anniversary with a plethora of new products for 2012. The PR team first showed us their upcoming heatsink known as the TPC-812 which utilizes a new technology called Vertical Vapor Chamber. We were told that Cooler Master is one of only two companies in the world that are capable of producing this technology.

In a nutshell, Vertical Vapor Chamber technology can be likened to a flat and wide version of a traditional heatpipe. This results in three times the heatsink fin contact area and half of the air resistance. In the demo we were shown, the TPC-812 was put up against a traditional all-in-one watercooling unit in an otherwise identical test system. The TPC-812 was able to outperform the water kit by an average of 1-2C which was pretty impressive. Look for the TPC-812 to be officially released to the market in a few weeks at CeBIT 2012.

Cooler Master then showed us a wide range of lower-end mid-tower cases aimed at entry-level markets. We were invited to compare and contrast different products from both US and overseas lines.

Cases here include the Elite 120 Mini ITX chassis, LAN case 240, the Elite 372, the LY-K350 (China and emerging markets only right now) and the Elite 361.

Fans of the HAF series will certainly appreciate the HAF XM. The model on display was fully decked out as any true gaming rig should be. With the XM, Cooler Master has taken all of the features from the full tower HAF and created a mid-tower chassis. There's support for a radiator in the top, a power supply cable cover and 3.5-inch hot-swap docks on the front. Look for the HAF XM to drop sometime in May for $139.

Cooler Master had three power supplies on display this year. The one on the right is the Silent Pro Hybrid 1300w and the middle is the Silent Pro Hybrid 1050w. With the Hybrid units, the cooling fan scales in speed based on the power drawn from it. If very little power is being used, the PSU will be completely silent. Additionally the PSUs in this line are 100% modular. Products in this line are available now.

The Silent Pro M2 1500w features a dual rail design and an 80 Plus Silver rating. Look for this power supply to launch sometime in Q2.

We have more from Cooler Master on the next page!

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