Apple iPhone WiFi Chill Fix
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 06-18-2009
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Chill Fix

I purchased my first Apple iPhone just a few months after the first generation was released and have enjoyed it immensely. Despite having to RMA the original just over a year ago (it overheated and died), I have had no problems from the phone... until recently.

A few weeks ago I noticed that the WiFi connection on my phone started acting up, randomly disconnecting and such. I suspected my Belkin router as the culprit, but after testing the phone on other wireless connections as well as having my laptop work perfectly on the Belkin, I knew it must be something else.

I did a good bit of research and came across the crazy idea of putting your phone in the freezer to fix the problem. With nothing to lose, I figured I would try a variant of that method and see what happened.

In the video, I disabled the security on my wireless router to eliminate any issues there. As I said in the video, this problem isn't limited to just my router either. I was using OS 3.0 but had the same issue with the previous firmware. I tried deleting all of my downloaded apps and turned off the location services.

The cool thing is, this actually worked and I was able to use WiFi again! The bad news is that, once the phone warmed back up, things pretty much went back to the way they are. This clearly points to an internal hardware issue that Apple has yet to acknowledge. Unfortunately for me, I am almost positive that this phone is no longer covered under warranty.

From what I have read during my research, this issue isn't limited to the 1st either, as several 3G models have this problem as well. Also it seems there is no definitive time frame on when this occurs. Mine went for over a year without issue, while some are reporting problems just a few days in. Let's just hope that Apple has cleared up this problem in the 3G S.

Are you experiencing this issue as well? Did you try this method and have success? Let us know in the forums!

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