2008 CES Coverage: Arctic Cooling
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Josh Maronde
Date: 01-13-2008
Arctic Cooling

We scheduled a meeting with Arctic Cooling to check out their new lineup for 2008. Arctic Cooling specializes in making silent, high performance cooling solutions such as heatsinks, fans, VGA coolers and even power supplies.

Most memory solutions now come with some form of passive cooling, but if you are looking for a better cooling solution to help with those high overclocks, Arctic Cooling has your number with the Arctic RC. These passive heatspreaders use a 45-degree angle on the cooling fins, which puts them in a better position to receive airflow from your CPU cooler's fan. Look for the Arctic RC to hit the market in March. No estimated price was available during our meeting.

The Alpine 7 Pro and Alpine 7 GT are two new heatsinks that are available for purchase now from Arctic Cooling. The Alpine 7 Pro, which is aimed at the enthusiast community, uses a 92mm PWM fan with a patented vibration absorption mechanism and fan holder that reduces overall noise. The unit comes pre-applied with MX-2, uses the Intel push-pin installation method and features a six year warranty.

The Alpine 7 GT is aimed more towards the "system integrator". This heatsink uses a smaller and quieter 80mm PWM fan with the same patented fan holder to reduce noise. This unit also comes pre-applied with Arctic Cooling's MX-2 thermal paste. Both of these heatsinks are compatible with Intel LGA775 socket processors up to 70w.

Arctic Cooling has a new line of VGA coolers on the horizon, the Accelero Xtreme 2900 for ATi cards and the Accelero Xtreme 8800 for nVidia cards. Each cooler makes use of five heatpipes, 107 fins and three low-speed, low-noise PWM cooling fans. These three smaller fans push about as much air as a single 120mm fan without the noise or larger footprint. These coolers are Crossfire / SLI compatible and we were told that users should expect a 20 C drop in temperatures over stock cooling solutions. MX-2 also comes pre-applied on the Accelero Xtreme 2900 and 8800 heatsinks. Look for these VGA coolers to launch in February. No estimated price was available during our meeting.

The Freezer Xtreme is Arctic Cooling's latest high-end CPU cooler. This beast uses eight heatpipes, 226 fins and is cooled by a 120mm PWM fan. The cooler uses a twin-tower design, with the cooling fan sandwiched between both "towers" of aluminum fins. Much like the Alpine heatsinks, the Freezer Xtreme uses an Intel-style push-pin installation design and comes pre-applied with MX-2 thermal paste. This unit is compatible with both Intel and AMD sockets. Look for this heatsink to hit the market in March. No estimated price was available during our meeting.

Arctic Cooling was displaying their latest power supply, the Fusion 550RF. This single 80mm cooled PSU boasts an impressive 86% efficiency with a maximum power output of 560 watts. This unit is ATX 2.2 compliant and features over power, over voltage and short circuit protections. The 80mm fan features the same noise-reducing technology as Arctic's Alpine GT heatsink. This unit should be available for purchase in March. No estimated price was available during our meeting.

The last product we looked at was the Silent T ECO 80 case. This system was configured to use several Arctic Cooling products for a totally silent system that has the ability to cool some serious hardware. The display unit had two 8800GT cards cooled passively with their Accelero S1 VGA heatsinks. The airflow in this case is reversed from what is generally accepted: cool air comes in from the lower back of the case and is expelled from the front of the case, where the Fusion 550w PSU sits. The best thing about this case is the price: $150.00 gets you the case, Fusion 550w and a hard drive muffler!

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