2008 CES Coverage: AEE Show Floor Photos
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 01-13-2008

Las Vegas is a huge city. So large, in fact, that they are able to host multiple conventions at a single time. Everyone knows that CES is held here in early January, but many may not know that Vegas also hosts the 2008 AVN AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) simultaneously with CES. The AEE is the largest event for the adult industry worldwide. Think of it as the CES of the adult entertainment industry: manufacturers, distributors, retailers and adult stars all converge here to do business. The one difference between CES and AEE is that the AEE is open to fans on specified days.

OCIA.net was already in Vegas for the CES, so hey, why not swing by the AEE and see what it is all about?

This was my first time attending the AEE and I had no idea what to expect beforehand. I snapped around 700 photos at the show, and after filtering through them all, ended up with several photos that we wanted to share with you guys.

NOTE: All of these photos have been hand-selected for appropriateness. You will not find any nudity here; that is not what we are about. I would consider all of the photos here to be work-safe, BUT, I intentionally left this introduction page photo-free. Please use your own discretion here. The photos you will see aren't too much more than our CES Booth Babes article, but I did want to warn you first.

With that said, continue ahead to check out our photos from the show!

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